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Address Information

The Address Information form enables you to search the Collect! database for listings by Street. This function searches the list of Debtors and Cosigners for all accounts with a Street address matching the criteria that you enter. Criteria such as City, State and ZIP may be used to narrow down the search.

Address Information form

Search results show you if the match was found on the Debtor or Cosigner record.

Find By Street results

tip.gif To speed up the search, it is very helpful if you can enter a City, State or ZIP code. These are keyed fields. If you know the ZIP code, this gives you the quickest results.

tip.gif Use the Find By Hot Key, CTRL+F11 to bring up the Find By Street screen.


Enter a City name if you know it. This will speed up the search results.

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Enter a State name if you know it. This will speed up the search results.

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Enter a ZIP code if you know it. This will speed up the search results.

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Enter any part of the Street address that you know. All partial matches will be displayed.

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Select this button to display help on the Address Information form and other related topics.

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Select this button to close the Address Information dialog without searching and return to the previous form.

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Select the OK button to search for records based on the criteria you have entered.

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See Also

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