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Credit Bureau Setup Basics

The Credit Bureau Setup form enables you to set several global settings to use when reporting to credit bureaus.

Standard information required by the credit bureau provider is stored in this form.This information is needed for the CBR file that Collect! produces. The information is rarely modified, unless you set up an additional credit bureau to report to. Credit bureau providers will not accept a CBR file if this information is not correct.

Credit Bureau Setup form

Accessing Credit Bureau Setup

The Credit Bureau Setup form may be accessed in two ways.

Providing you have access to the various menus and forms, you may use one of the following ways to get to the Credit Bureau Setup form.

1. Select Tools from the top menu bar and then select Credit Reporting from the drop-down choices.

Tools Menu Credit Reporting

This will display the Report to Credit Bureaus form.

Report To Credit Bureaus Form

2. Select the CREDIT BUREAU SETUP button located on the right side of this form as shown above.


1. When viewing Collect!'s Main Menu, you will see several buttons. Select the SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION button.

Main Menu System Administration Option

This will display the System Administration menu.

System Administration Menu

2. Select the SETUP AND CONFIGURATION button from the System Administration menu.

This will display the System Setup menu.

System Setup Menu

3. Select the CREDIT BUREAU REPORTING button from the System Setup menu.

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