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Import/Export Module

The Import/Export module of Collect! allows flexible data transfer between computer systems.


Import/Export offers the ability for you to establish data transfer procedures between clients and your office, and between a head office and branch offices.

Import/Export saves time by rapidly loading account information from a variety of sources. Import is fully configurable and provides powerful features for automatic contact scheduling, Dunning notices, and account assignment.

Import can detect whether incoming data already exists in the database and can avoid data duplication. You can set up smart data merges to support diverse office environments.

tip.gif You can also schedule imports for off hours using Collect!'s Scheduler. Contact us at for module pricing. Also see the Help topic, "Scheduler" for more details.

Please review the Help Index topic Import/Export Topics for more information. Comtech also offers fee-based File Transfer Format development services. Call (250) 391-0466 for more information.

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