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How To Send Comtech Details For Custom Programming

There are circumstances in which the Collect! software cannot perform as you require. For instance, extra data entry points or custom calculations may be needed. After consulting with our Technical Services staff to find solutions, you may decide that you need a customized enhancement to the basic Collect! software. We do provide custom programming in some situations.

Steps To A Custom Feature

1. It must be determined by our Technical Staff that the functions you need cannot be achieved in Collect! as it is shipped.

2. You will provide a clearly defined projection of your needs.

3. We will assess this and verify that Collect! needs additional programming to perform your requests.

4. A timeline and pricing will be formulated for you as soon as possible, outlining the specifications as we understand them.

5. Further consultation will be planned as needed to evaluate the project and test the results.

6. When it is completed, you will be shipped a new, customized .exe specifically for you.

tip.gif Although we have performed this service for a number of our clients, we do not take on this task lightly, as we have a full schedule of programming aims of our own. For this reason, we must reserve the right to decide if it is viable to take on any particular custom programming request.

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