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Batch Process Contact Plan

This topic steps you through running a contact plan on a selected group of accounts using the batch processing feature. This requires that you have a contact plan already set up that you want to run on a number of accounts and that you know which accounts you want to select.

1. From the top menu bar, select Tools and then select Batch Processing from the drop-down choices. This will display the Batch Processing form.

2. Select the radio button labeled Run contact plans so that there is a dot in it. Select the NEXT button. This will display the Select Accounts To Process form.

3. Select the radio button labeled Tag individual records so that there is a dot in it. This makes the Tag Records button visible.

4. Select the Tag Records button to display the Debtor list. Use the arrow keys and spacebar to tag the records you want to run the contact plan on.

tip.gif As you tag records, they are highlighted in blue. The tagged record you are on is highlighted in yellow.

5. Press F8 when you are finished tagging your list. Press the NEXT button. This displays the Select Contact Plan form.

6. Select the down arrow next to the field labeled Contact plan to pick your contact plan from the list.

7. Select the NEXT button. This displays the Run Contact Plan Batch form. You can select the BACK button if you want to make any changes. If you are ready, press START.

The contact plan will run on the accounts you selected and Collect! will display a summary indicating the number of accounts the plan was run on.

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