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Select Operator To Assign

Select an Operator to which you will assign this batch of accounts.

Press F2 to pick from the list of Operators.

The new Operator you choose will be assigned to the batch of accounts you just picked.

All pending Contacts will automatically be reassigned to the new Operator if the responsible Operator for the Contact was the previous owner of the account. From this point on, all transactions will be credited to the new Operator if you are using Operator commission capabilities in Collect!

Assign Account To Operator

Choose an Operator ID to assign to each account in this batch.

Select NEXT to continue or BACK to select a different way of selecting accounts for this batch.

tip.gif When you select NEXT, the form that is displayed depends on the choice you made in the Batch Processing form.

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Press this button for help on the Select Operator To Assign dialog and links to related topics.

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Select this to return to the previous form. You can then alter your settings or choose to close the batch processing procedure without running a batch.

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Select this to proceed with the batch process. The form that is displayed depends on the type of batch process you are preparing to run.

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