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Dial Phone

You can dial phone numbers directly from Collect! if your computer is set up for it.

Click the Dial icon at the top of the screen, and to the right of phone numbers to start the Auto Dialer.

The Dial Phone form lets you choose to dial local, long distance international and alternate access numbers. You can also dial a number from the Quick Dial phone number list.

The Dial Phone form is displayed when you dial a phone number and you have set the Prompt Before Dialing switch in the Auto Dialer Preferences form or the number you are dialing has more than 7 digits.

To dial a number, double-click or press F2 on any phone number field. You can also select Tools from the top menu bar and then select Dial a Number, or click the Dial icon at the top of the screen.

Phone number fields are indicated with a small up arrow at the end of the field.

tip.gif Dial Phone is regulated through the WIP Options settings. If you want the Dialer to start automatically whenever you select a Phone type contact from the WIP List, switch ON 'Automatically display dialer" in the WIP Options.


This is a local call.

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Long Distance

This is a long distance call, and will use the long distance dialing codes you entered in the dialer setup form.

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This is an international call, and will use the international dialing codes you entered in the dialer setup form.

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This is an alternate call, and will use the alternate dialing codes you entered in the dialer setup form.

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This is the phone number you are dialing.

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Select this button to open the Phone Dialer. You can use the phone dialer's numeric keypad to choose a number to dial or select from a list of saved numbers to speed dial.

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Quick Dial

This is a list of phone numbers that all people in your company may want to use.

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Select this button to open the Auto Dialer Preferences form where you enter the specific codes you want to use when dialing local, long distance and other numbers.

Some people work through special phone exchanges, and this is the area where you can specify the dialing details to accommodate whatever system you have.

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Select this button to cancel the dialing process and close the Dial Phone form.

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Press this button for help on the Dial Phone form and links to related topics.

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