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Clear Search Criteria

This command clears all Search Criteria that have not been previously cleared.

While on any list, you can start a Search Criteria to reduce the list to a required set of records. When the results of your search criteria are displayed, a yellow 'S' appears in the Status Bar, the bottom line of the screen. When you select Clear Search Criteria, the yellow 'S' is extinguished and all filters are cleared. If you have been searching multiple record types, they will all be cleared.

Searching or tagging records has a side effect. When you search, perhaps for all debtors listed last month, the result is a sublist with all debtors having a listed date that matches your criteria. If a you are looking at this result list and you select a client to display the debtor list, the searched list travels with you as you go. Therefore, you will not see any debtors for the client you just selected. The list of current debtors in the system's memory is that of the search criteria. They may not belong to the viewed client.

So, if you view a list that you are very familiar with and it does not seem to be quite right, check the status bar. If there is a yellow 'S' you know there is a search in effect. It is up to you to decide whether to Clear Search Criteria at this point to restore the list to what you expect.

The only exception to this is while using the Debtor list. The Debtor list is commonly used to perform a search. Therefore Collect! will automatically clear a search list on any Debtor list as soon as the user closes the result list. This minimizes interruptions caused by confused users looking for a debtor record.

Clear Search Criteria does not affect any tagged list. If you use Search Criteria to search and tag a list of records. Clear Search Criteria will not clear the tagged list.

Exiting completely from Collect! back to your Desktop clears all search criteria automatically.

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