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How To Do Credit Scoring

Collect! enables you to score your accounts using whatever credit scoring equation you define. You can use the Attachment record in Collect! to store values for your credit scoring elements.

You will notice the Attachment record contains fields at the top right of the form that can be used to establish base values.

1. You can use the Score field on the Debtor form to display the scoring result.

2. A report is built to scan through the attachment records for a debtor, calculate the score using your equation and write the result to the Score field on the Debtor form.

tip.gif The eBureau Module writes to the Debtor Score field automatically as well as providing valuable skip tracing information and other pertinent account details.

The eBureau Module is only available for clients in the United States. It is not functional internationally at this time.

tip.gif The eBureau Module is an add-on application available for versions CV11.3.1.1 and higher. Contact Administration at 250-391-0466 option 3 for pricing and licensing information.

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