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Processing Checks For ACH Handling

In ever increasing numbers, companies are trying to cut costs of processing checks for debtors and clients. The best way to reduce NSF fees and charges, handling charges from banks or other related costs, is to stop handling paper checks. There are many service providers who can take care of your check handling through ACH (Automatic Clearing House) processing. ACH vendors provide a file specification so their users can format their data files to be processed electronically.

Several of Collect!'s users process their checks electronically. This requires that a file of transaction information is produced in the format specified by your vendor.

This process is exactly the same as you may already have in place to print checks in house using Collect!. Instead of using a report to print the data to a check form, you simply lay out the data in a file to be sent to the ACH vendor for processing.

Usually within 24 hours, the ACH vendor will send back to you a file with information about any checks that could not be cleared. Provided you have the Import/Export module, you would then import the file to update your accounts and set flags on any accounts where you need to reprocess checks according to your vendor's requirements.

Comtech can assist you in setting up Collect! for ACH check processing. Contract an ACH vendor to process your files. When you receive their specifications, fax or email us a copy and we will help you get started.

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